• Clinical metagenomics

  • Human genetics

  • Systems biology

  • Exosome uptake by cells

Professor Vannberg obtained his doctorate in Statistical Genetics from University of Oxford in 2009. He then served a two year Post Doctoral Fellowship at Oxford’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics before joining Georgia Tech in July 2011. His research is focused on using modern genomics and proteomics to study the host pathogen relationship. He has developed an international reputation in the field of immunogenetics and understanding human genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases. During the past year the Vannberg lab has focused on clinical metagenomics for infectious disease diagnostics, building a large team to utilize next generation DNA sequencing to detect pathogen associated nucleic acids from normally sterile sites such as serum and BAL. His laboratory is also studying the role of nanovesicular exosomes during infection. He has won a number of prizes and fellowships including the Syngenta Prize at the UK Young Entrepreneurship competition, a UK Overseas Research Student Fellowship and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Fellow of Green Templeton College (Oxford University). He is an Associate Editor of BMC Medical Genetics and is on the editorial board of Dataset Papers in Medicine.